How to Get a Universal Travel Pass in Maharashtra

Having a Universal Travel Pass (UTP) is essential for several reasons. It provides a convenient way of traveling between different cities in India and helps protect the environment. You can get one of these travel passes if you meet specific criteria. These include age, nationality, and residency in the state. This article will examine the eligibility requirements, the benefits you can expect, and the problems you may face.

Eligibility criteria

Considering the importance of travel in Maharashtra, the government has taken the initiative to develop a Universal Travel Pass. The scheme is meant for both individuals and organizations. The pass enables travelers to travel freely in public transport without any physical verification. The E-pass is available online at the official website.
The scheme is also applicable to locals who want to travel in local trains or rickshaws. Before registering, they must upload identity verification and personal travel announcements. Once the mobile number is updated, they will receive an SMS regarding the login details.
Universal Travel Pass is available for all people aged 18 years and above and can be used for travel in buses, railways, rickshaws, and metros. It is an electronic pass with a unique QR code. The railways and other transport authorities use the QR code to verify the validity of the travel pass. It also serves as an identification card.
To obtain a Universal Travel Pass in Maharashtra, an individual has to follow specific criteria. The first requirement is that the person is an Indian citizen who has been fully vaccinated. It includes two doses of the coronavirus vaccine within fourteen days after the first one.
The Maharashtra government’s Disaster Management Relief and Rehabilitation Department issued the pass. The department has collaborated with the Indian Railways to introduce the scheme. The pass consists of information on the individual and their establishment.
The government of Maharashtra has launched the Universal Travel Pass online. The State Disaster Management department created an online portal for this purpose, and it is issued to people who have been vaccinated and met other requirements. This scheme also helps in the tracking of people. It will help in providing better service to the citizens. The pass is available for all the citizens of India.
The scheme was designed to improve the travel experience in Maharashtra. The government has also made the requirements clear.

Registration process

Those living in Mumbai can now register for Universal Travel Passes online. The government of Maharashtra has made the online application available on its website.
The Universal Travel Pass is a new service launched by the Maharashtra state government and Indian Railways. It can ease domestic traveling across the country during the Covid-19 pandemic. The pass allows fully vaccinated people to travel on public transport and is valid in all cities of India. The pass also has a QR code that helps authorities track people traveling.
Applicants must have an identity card to apply for the universal travel pass. They can then download the pass to a mobile device. The QR code on the pass can be checked by a bus or railway authority. It is expected to identify fake identities.
Travel passes can also be used to travel within the state of Maharashtra. Local trains are the primary mode of transport in Mumbai. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic, local trains were shut for almost six months, which led to many organizations demanding the government allow everyday people to board the local trains.
The government of Maharashtra decided to implement the pass system with QR codes. The QR code e-pass services are available to all registered companies in Mumbai. These are designed to ensure that there is no fraud, and that data is accurate.
The registration process is one-time. Organizations and private associations can register employees and workers for the universal travel pass. They will be required to provide their SPOC details and other relevant information. In addition, establishments must agree to a declaration and submit an excel sheet with the prescribed format.
After registration, an SMS notification will be sent about their login details. Once the mobile number is updated, personal staff associates can log in to the website. The state will send an OTP and link to the system portal. State will send an OTP and link to the system portal to the registered mobile number within 48 hours.
Universal Travel Passes can be issued to those in the medical, utility, and education sectors. It will also be issued to those employed by the government or essential services. It is also possible to download and print the pass for further use.


Keeping in mind the people’s need for travel, the government of Maharashtra has launched the Universal Travel Pass. It is a QR code-based electronic pass that allows a full-vaccinated individual to travel on public transport. It provides a hassle-free travel experience to residents of the state. The benefits of the universal pass are not limited to just traveling by public transport. It is also suitable for intercity travel.

The Disaster Management department of the Government of Maharashtra launched the pass. In conjunction with the Indian Railways, the Universal Travel Pass has been developed to improve the travel experience of Mumbaikars.

The Universal Travel Pass is a robust system that the government of Maharashtra has designed. The pass is rechargeable and can be used on all Mumbai metro lines. It also provides discounts on fares. It is valid for one year.

The applicant must meet specific eligibility criteria to register for a Universal Travel Pass. Moreover, they must also be over 18 years of age. Applicants must submit their details along with valid ID proof. The information will be checked by railway staff. They will then be redirected to a payment gateway page via debit/credit card or net banking.

The Universal Pass has been designed to make traveling easier and safer for Mumbaikars. The pass will be valid for a year and in all cities of India. It is also applicable to all citizens of India. In addition, the pass will also be valid for all state-run trains and buses.

The universal pass is not available for children. It is an excellent way to travel on public transport while preventing positive cases of Covid-19. The QR code on the pass is easy to scan with a smartphone. Moreover, you can also save the pass for future reference.

The QR code-based travel pass is a next-generation version of the universal pass. It allows people to travel across Mumbai and also allows them to enter various workplaces, retail malls, railway stations, and other transport facilities.


Earlier, Maharashtra state limited the universal travel pass to the residents. But now, it has been extended to other states as well. It is a new system to travel freely. It allows vaccinated people to travel freely in public places without restrictions.
The universal travel pass is based on the QR code and is used by various transport authorities. These passes are also used by railways and buses. So, it makes travel hassle-free. If you are a registered traveler with the Universal Pass, you can quickly get access to public transport without any hassle.
With the universal travel pass, you can easily travel to and from Mumbai without restrictions. It also ensures that you are not compelled to travel in a hurry. It will also help to ensure the safety of passengers. You will also be able to save the image of the pass for future reference.
To avail of the pass, you must register at the universal travel pass website. It is an online process, which can be done by simply signing in with your login details. The website will provide you with instructions and guidelines on how to register.
It would be best if you were fully vaccinated with two doses of the coronavirus vaccine to be eligible for the universal travel pass. You can use the pass for 14 days after your second vaccination dose. You will also have to follow COVID guidelines.
To register, you need to fill in some mandatory fields. You will also have to upload a picture of your vaccine certificate. Once done with this process, you will have to forward the information to the establishment for approval.
If you want to use the UTS Mobile App, you can download it from Google Play Store. You can also update the app by signing in with your login ID. Using the mobile app, you can also upload a picture to get a link to your selfie.

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